Sunday, October 03, 2010

1.0.97 Release

Ok, now you may be surprised at how I am releasing new versions lately.  But, I've decided D2TGP will be my new testing ground for trying out routines and techniques before deciding to use them in my next project.  So, from time to time I'll be back-porting new features or making larger changes.  For instance, I'm currently researching new network libraries, so you might see a version of D2TGP in the future with improved network functionality.
I had the chance to observe a couple games recently, so the following changes are based on what I've discovered.

Changes since 1.0.96:

  • Doubled all Spice on the map in terms of field density (map running out far too quickly)
  • Nearly doubled chances for Pre-Spice Masses to form
  • Added edge-scrolling
  • Observers in net games can now Chat
  • Reduced Devastator fire delay and Damage slightly (too slow)
  • Reduced fire delay for Trike/Raider/Quads by 10% to up their damage potential
  • Increased fire delay for Flak Trikes by 33% to nerf them slightly
  • Fixed some graphic glitches
  • Fixed a large issue causing network games to crash when map was generated