Friday, July 16, 2010

1.0.95 Release

Changelog since 1.0.94:
  • Made AI a bit more aggressive
  • Updated Mentat and Tip Box info
  • Added sound effect when placing unit queues
  • Carryalls will now try to calculate unit speed versus distance to target before determining whether to airlift
  • Fixed bug with units still firing under some orders while unpowered

Monday, July 12, 2010

1.0.94 Release

Many balance changes, partially driven by the Polls in the forum (but not in all cases since I don't have that many voters yet).  Also includes many code updates for future changes that won't affect things currently, so we'll see if I created any new bugs.

Changelog since 1.0.92:

  • Experimental change: Saboteur is now a more unique unit, visible only at close range or when in combat.  It is essentially the same as an Infantry unit otherwise, but does enormous damage to buildings, even Defended ones.  They no longer have any detonation ability.
  • Experimental change: Fremen Warriors are now close-range anti-personnel units, able to wipe out enemy foot soldiers very quickly.  Against other units they are not worth the extra cost, and they do not do extra damage to undefended buildings like other foot units.  I feel this change, combined with the one for Saboteurs, is very appropriate to give each Ally faction more unique benefits
  • Experimental change: Deviators now unpower units for a random amount of time, just as they do with buildings.  Also, units will no longer lose their orders when unpowered
  • Trading Post is now visible to enemies when in combat or at close range
  • Fixed bug with Building selection graphics in Network games drawing slowly
  • Fixed bug with client units not showing current Order button depressed
  • Fixed bug causing 1/100 chance for game to crash when playing a new Music file
  • Fixed bug where units retained old Retreat coordinates