Sunday, October 31, 2010

1.1.05 Release

An important update, so be sure to get it.  This fixes some huge memory management problems that have cropped up, causing very high RAM usage and even crashes because of it.  It also introduces Multithreading as an option, but this is very experimental so far, so don't expect it to do much good yet (and do expect it to crash).  It's really only for my own development.

Full changelog since 1.1.02:
  • Waypoints are now useable by either holding Shift or by holding down an order hotkey.  This functions perfectly in both Host and Client, but the Client does not yet show the waypoint sequence lines
  • Multithreading has been added as an option.  It currently only applies to network games and is not stable, but may be expanded upon in the future
  • Flags now draw only if a building is finished
  • Buildings can now only be produced at a distance from finished buildings (i.e. you cannot lay walls out to infinity now before they are built)
  • Combat Victory conditions now ignore the presence of all 1-cell sized buildings
  • Building rangefinding now measures from the center of each building correctly
  • Windtraps no longer provide power when they are "unpowered" (read: Mindgassed)
  • Fixed combination of issues causing massive memory leaks to reduce requirements down to 20% of previous versions (a normal large game should take less than 200mb of RAM)
  • Fixed bug causing Rocket Launchers and Saboteurs to fail to do extra damage vs Defended buildings
  • Fixed bug with units remaining selected after being converted by a Deviator
  • Fixed bug preventing Death Hand from being purchased
  • Fixed bug with buildings losing power and still being half-selected
  • Many other changes/fixes behind the scenes