Thursday, October 28, 2010

Statement of (re-)direction

So what the heck has been going on here?  First I say I'm abandoning this project in favor of a new one, and then I start updating this one even more frequently than I ever did before.  First I say I don't want the project community to expand too much due to concerns over intellectual property, and then I turn around and start casting games and talking to nearly every member who contacts me on Steam or in the forums.  What gives?

Well, things definitely have shifted around a bit.  Not long after I started on the new project, I began speaking with the developer of the network library I use.  He and I have since decided to collaborate directly on a new project, upon which I will most likely base my new project.  In addition, I continue to learn good programming practices and what is possible, and I've been doing all that at a fast rate lately.  When I get some good ideas I need to start working with them right away, and since I'm not working on my other project at the moment, I have lots of leftover creative energy.  So, I've been taking a lot of those ideas and, even though it is sometimes a waste of time or sometimes a bit crazy, bringing them into to D2TGP.

As far as the community goes, I've decided it's worth the risk to start building it up, and I'm finally proud enough of the project that I want to introduce everyone to it.  I've made a lot of good friends (and a couple great ones) from Europe and Asia and I'm starting to feel more like a member of the "world community", which feels great.

On a similar note, I am in enormous need of money, to keep all my resources going.  So, if you know any millionaires, or even just have a few bucks lying around that want to go on a plane ride, please donate to this project.  I will be most thankful.

So, thanks for your time and keep your eyes open.  You never do know what will happen with me I guess. :)