Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More big news (and Ninja Release 1.0.96)

First of all, the new version:
Over a couple hours to relax this weekend, I found a few things I wanted to bring "backwards" into the TGP project while I've been working on the total re-write.  The end result is a small release with some minor updates and corrective balance changes.

  • Performance enhancement with target-finding should make large battles run more smoothly
  • Added new unexplored area graphics
  • Rocket Turrets no longer home on ground targets
  • Guard Turrets now home
  • Gun Turrets, Tanks, Siege Tanks, and Devastators have increased damage and slower ROF (33-50% proportionally)
  • Fixed scaling issues with some sprites
  • Fixed an issue with Harvesters calling for a new Carryall when being attacked by more than one worm

Now, the big news is that the "re-write" of D2TGP is not technically going to be a re-write.  Instead, it is going to be an all-new RTS platform, on which you will be able to play D2TGP using a separate installed package.  This also means you'll be able to develop your own games for it or your own versions of D2TGP.  I am building the engine with as many options as I can fit inside it so that many different kinds of games could be made.  Everything about a particular game will be controlled by INI files, and new sounds and graphics can be included.

However, I'll warn you right away that I intend to sell this Engine as a product for $10.  I'm not sure how I would distribute it, but Steam looks like a good idea for many reasons.  I'll keep working on it until I feel certain it's worth the price.

So, this effectively marks the end of this project in programmatic terms.  The next incarnation of D2TGP will have many more features (in line with the demo video and other aims) and will just be a free mod for an upcoming RTS engine.  Some time next year I'll start up some community and blog pages dedicated to the new project.

Thanks for all the support and participation, and please continue to enjoy the latest release and join the forum discussions.  I won't be visiting that often but I'll still keep an eye on things.

- Drackbolt