Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1.1.00 Release

Whee!  Mainly a bugfix release (noticed some things weren't working during recent testing) but some new things also.  Most importantly, there are many changes to visibility control that you should pay a lot of attention to.

Changelog since 1.0.99:

  • Some units are now "Stealthy".  This include Saboteurs, Trading Posts, and any Foot Soldier inside Crags while not in combat.  This was already coded in the past but due to a bug was not working properly until now.  Stealthy units cannot be seen or targeted normally unless an enemy unit moves within one cell of them, or they fire at an enemy or take damage.  Stealthy units show a dark circle around them when they are normally hidden.
  • Saboteurs have obviously been fixed as a result, and are now as I intended them to be, which is a very stealthy infiltrator that can loiter inside enemy bases and also do serious damage to buildings at just the right time.  Be sure to keep it out of weapon range against enemies or it will open fire out of self-preservation.
  • Trading Posts behave similarly in that they cannot be seen unless a unit moves right by them.  They also no longer have a weapon, so they are difficult to find.  They can still be seen while in construction however.
  • Foot Soldiers get important benefits from this patch and will now have a far easier time making surprise attacks from Crags.
  • vAutoOrder now cannot be enabled when vShiftAdd is disabled (too hard to deselect units)
  • Guard Turrets have damage reduced to 5, but now have a small Area of Effect that helps damage Foot Soldiers, and are FAR more effective against groups of them.
  • Improved area-of-effect operations
  • Observers should see all units now
  • Walls are now defensive structures that provide no range bonus (doesn't really concern the player)
  • Fixed bug with Mentat providing info on units illegally
  • Fixed bug with selecting buildings of size 1
  • Fixed bug causing crash after losing a game (stopped automatic switch to Observer for now)