Sunday, May 30, 2010

1.87 Windows/Linux Release

This time I decided to sit down and fix every bug of which I was aware.
Changelog since 1.86:

  • Rewrote network Hosting code to fix bug limiting players to 3 or fewer client connections online.  Prospective clients should also get a proper message if a server has no open slots
  • Added Ping sound effect to alert players when a server is online (only in server list room right now)
  • Added on-screen map loading window to avoid issues with system pop-up window and full-screen mode (not perfect yet but it works)
  • Confirmed bug with Sonic Tank crashing when unpowered should now be fixed, based on last few release changes
  • Made pathfinding improvement causing units to be more persistent when temporarily surrounded
  • Made improvements to chatroom so faction and custom colors get sent to clients
  • Fixed bugs with Merc purchases not processing
  • Fixed visual bug with Configurator license area
  • Fixed bug causing a unit's Retreat level to display incorrectly while in motion
  • Fixed bug with units being unable to enter spaces where a Spice Blow occurred
  • Fixed bug where a lost Harvester would sometimes trigger more than one replacement to be queued when on Maintain Operations
  • Fixed bug where a unit would be unable to Airlift out of a surrounded location

Sunday, May 23, 2010

1.86 Release

Mostly a cleanup patch, but does include a Linux update.  Changelog since 1.85:
  • Updated code for cross-platform compatibility to release current Linux version (mostly tested)
  • Map size cannot be changed now after loading a map
  • Total network slots available now adjusts for number of AI chosen
  • Fixed bug preventing chat in network chatroom
  • Fixed strange behavior with incorrect Order options when selecting/de-selecting certain combinations of units
  • Fixed bug where players' Death Hands would launch when under attack
  • Fixed bug where units on Guard would move toward allied buildings
  • Fixed drawing error with unit selection menu list
  • Changed drawing behavior of intro and chatroom screens

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1.85 Multiplayer Release

This is a large release and the first true Multiplayer release, with support for up to 6 human players simultaneously.  Naturally it is difficult for me to test more than one or two by myself to any great depth, so I'll have to rely on you to help.  Please leave detailed bug reports in the forums, but for you new players, be sure to search the posts before making a new one.

Changelog since 1.83:

  • Support for more than 2 players (up to 6)
  • Observer players cannot Chat in-game
  • Mercenary groups now announce a warning and deploy after 10 seconds
  • Mercenary units will not attack any Trading Post
  • Removed Trading Post weaponry
  • Tightened up online server tracking and client messaging
  • Fixed bug with Back button not working for client
  • Fixed bug allowing double-tapping Demolish/Cancel actions
  • Fixed bug with client not displaying some menus properly
  • Many minor graphical fixes/changes

Thursday, May 06, 2010

1.83 Re-release

I'm deep in the middle of the next release and I can't stop now to fix much, but I HAD to resolve that awful client-side visual bug where the ground doesn't get drawn, so that's the only thing corrected in this version.  Other known bugs still remain.  Just re-download this if you had 1.83 from before today (5/6/2010).  I won't even bother giving it a new version.

I sure still wish someone had reported this a long time ago...  And now I had to go and see that someone posted a video of the game and of course naturally, they decided to be a client and run straight into this issue!  Where is teh lovez?