Sunday, October 10, 2010

1.0.99 Release

More back-porting of routines I'll be using in my next project.  This time I've rewritten the interface to consolidate "Expert" and "Classic" modes, so there is only one major interface now.  It operates very much like other RTS games now (especially Starcraft 2, which I'm pretty sure everyone will be playing for a long time).  I've still retained some of the things that I personally prefer.  Apologies to all veterans in advance for making you re-learn the system again. :)

Changelog since 1.0.97:

  • Replaced "Expert Mode" option with "Shift-Add" and "Auto-Order" separate options, and consolidated all other interface methods into left-click-focused system
  • Pre-Spice Masses now appear only after 2 minutes of game time
  • Devastators bumped back up to slower rate of fire to accentuate strengths/weaknesses
  • Combat Tank damage increased to 35 from 33
  • In-game chats now have better visibility
  • Reinstated viewport rectangle in Zoom mode
  • Clicking on the Tip Box now causes it to cycle
  • Fixed bug preventing custom maps from loading
  • Added some code underneath for future improvements