Sunday, November 29, 2009

1.68 Release

First off, please see the previous post, and thanks for your support. Secondly please wait a few days before posting bugs in the forums as I need to take a break.

1.68 massive changelog:
  • Main executable is again separate from music files, and will be going into the future
  • Many, many bugs fixed and some graphics tweaked
  • New menu system added for most production buildings (please use your mousewheel)
  • Full network synchronization with acceptable speed (still only 2 human players)
  • Greatly improved close-range pathfinding (no more units doing the "dune shuffle")
  • AI players now send attacks in formation (not as great as it sounds but still an improvement)
  • Units put on Retreat will not be selectable until they are close to their destination, when they will default to Move/Protect orders
  • Added a timer to the global Retreat Flag button
  • Flak Trikes now take double damage from ground units when moving
  • Outpost now controls default Retreat settings and building auto-repair (if researched)
  • Auto-concrete now has greater range from each ConYard
  • Fremen have range 2 instead of 3
  • Slightly reduced AOE of Rocket Launchers/Deviators (very slightly)
  • Added percentage complete for flyer queues at HTF
  • No problems should remain with Sandstorms
  • Trading Posts will not appear on enemy radar
  • Outposts, Trading Posts, and MTPs have higher vision to balance Sandstorms
  • AI Death Hands will now launch when attacked
  • Reduced Harvester strength by 10%

Monday, November 02, 2009


Hello everyone,
I've just made plans to go overseas this holiday and new years. For those few of you who are close to me, you know what this trip represents. For all the other followers of this project, I won't go through even part of the whole story, but this trip will bring me back together with the person I love more than anything after three long years of waiting. I might never have seen her again but I got lucky recently in a couple ways. This trip is a financial risk for me but one I have to take.
I will try to put out the next version before Christmas, but if you ever even considered donating to this project in the past, now would be the perfect time, and I would appreciate any support. Thanks.