Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1.1.10 Release (Win)

I had planned to make my next update the big switch to the new network library, but that's going to be a bigger job than I anticipated based on the time I have available.  So, here's a minor update to tide you over.
Changelog since 1.1.09:

  • Added Unit Aggression option at Outpost.  When enabled, all units will attack any unit or structure they see when on Attack orders (instead of just military units)
  • Added RMB Move/Attack option at Outpost.  This will control whether Right-clicking with a unit will cause it to Move or Attack
  • Harvesters on Return orders will now request Carryall pickup at any distance to Refinery
  • Fixed bug with some bad Waypoint draws
  • Fixed bug with Default Retreat setting at Outpost failing to apply to new units

Friday, November 19, 2010

1.1.09 Release (Win and Linux)

Minor release, mainly to fix a couple very old bugs.  After this I will be focusing on the major switch to a new network library.
Changelog since 1.1.08:

  • Clicking on the minimap now issues orders/waypoints
  • Fixed last remaining known issue with Maintain flag at Refineries failing to replenish lost Harvesters
  • Fixed last remaining known issue with Sonic Tanks causing freeze/crashes sometimes when all power is lost

UPDATE:  Linux version released also.  May still have problems with the music version due to lack of a perfectly functional streaming music library (and my inability to test distributions), but otherwise should work well.

Monday, November 15, 2010

1.1.08 Release

Changelog since 1.1.07:

  • Units on Attack orders will not fire on non-combatants (units or buildings without weapons).  This is to maximize effective combat between armies and I think you'll like it once you get used to it.  Units on Guard, Stop and other orders will still attack them normally (remember that Attack defaults to Guard orders on reaching its destination), so you should still have good control over things while getting better AI behavior from your military units
  • By popular request, queues may now be drag-dropped by holding down the left mouse button
  • Cargo weight now affects Carryalls even more (maxing to about 50% slowdown)
  • Double-tapping F1 will select and also center on a ConYard
  • Finally made good progress on the bug with Refinery "Maintain" functionality.  Not perfect yet but much improved and I know the remaining issues, so it should be fixed completely soon
  • All non-combatants avoid the special homing effect of enemy weapons when on Move orders (previously this only applied to Harvesters)
  • Fixed bug with pressing Space key during chat causing screen to jump to last event
  • Fixed bug allowing dragbox while trying to place queues
  • Fixed another bug allowing Armed Harvesters to be selected in a dragbox with military units
  • Fixed bug allowing non-combatants to given Attack orders

Thursday, November 11, 2010

1.1.07 Release

First let me say something about the forums.  I DO read everything placed there, and I always give consideration to ideas both good and bad.  Do I get snappy?  Sure, I'm a busy guy.  Will I yell at you for not following rules?  Of course; the rules are there for the benefit of everyone who appreciates this project, and they will benefit you too if others follow them.  So, please continue to use the forums whenever possible.  Bug reports are especially important.  It's very disappointing to me to hear that a version is basically non-functional or something in a big way, sometimes for days or sometimes for weeks, without anyone breathing a word.  Times like that make me wonder why I still keep this project public.  I understand if you really don't want to donate, but at least don't let me lay around in ignorance.  I often have more time to code than I do to actually test the game or discuss it, so I'm dependent on your help if you'd like the game to improve or you want the community to grow.

That being said, I had a few free hours today to get an update done and test things out quickly.  This update is mostly a bugfix but it does have some significant changes.  I promise this time it is at least playable by network. ;)  PLEASE download and try it out, because I think it is really starting to come close to the performance and playability I have been aiming for.
  • Units on Move orders will not longer automatically Retreat when fired upon.  They will move ahead and still take twice the normal damage, but I will leave it up to the player to decide if he wants the unit to Retreat or not by using the Retreat Threshold toggle (A donator recently mentioned that he felt Retreat wasn't very useful.  On reflection I had to agree that it no longer worked the way I envisioned, so this will change things up a bit)
  • Retreat orders now dramatically increase speed and turning radius while active
  • Clients in network games will now draw waypoints (still isn't perfect)
  • Units just produced and on their way to Queue locations will now show waypoints
  • Fixed enormous bug with ordering system causing odd player/unit overlap and most of the orders in a network game to fail
  • Fixed another bug with network ordering
  • Fixed bug with non-combatant units not following waypoints properly
  • Fixed bug with "N" key not working for Harvester Return orders

Sunday, November 07, 2010

1.1.06 Release

Possibly an even more important update than the last, this should significantly improve performance over both local and network games.  This may introduce some superficial inconsistencies in network games, but I hope to iron those out in later versions.

Changelog since 1.1.05:

  • Restructured network communication for units in motion to leverage existing cell-to-cell motion
  • Introduced more staggering routines to prevent massive troop orders from causing lag
  • Removed many instances of debug code causing unforeseen performance issues
  • Fixed bug with Death Hand menu item being unclickable
  • Fixed bug with Armed Harvesters being unselectable

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Performance issues

I'll probably be making another release soon, but right now I'm pulling my hair out, trying to find a performance issue with pathfinding that crept in at version 1.1.02.  If you go back versions you'll see that 1.1.00 had noticeably faster response when moving large selections of units.  The problem is that I cannot for the life of me figure out what was added to cause this change in behavior, and I've gone through almost every bit of code in each version.

The good news is that the next version will have reduced network traffic needs, but until I can get the local performance issue resolved (which also affects 1.1.05), you won't even notice the improvement.

Also keep in mind that I will be working a lot and then leaving for my long vacation (DONATE PLEASE!), so I probably won't be making more updates until the next year.  If I do, they will be mostly bugfixes.