Sunday, December 05, 2010

1.1.14 Release (Win)

Ok guys, if anyone is feeling the holiday spirit, now's the time to help.  I am leaving in 5 days for my vacation to Europe and I'm very short on funds (i.e., I will be eating berries from bushes unless I get some help).  Thanks a lot for all your support, and I will be very thankful for anything you can spare.
Since I'll be leaving soon, this is the last update for probably at least a month.  I don't plan on doing any development while I am gone.  When I come back I'll see also about a Linux release, but I don't have time now unfortunately.  However, this update should make all you Windows users (which is just about everybody) happy.  It adds a big new feature and should resolve the crashing issues people have had lately.  I'm very proud of this release and I hope you agree it's a great one.

Changelog since 1.1.10:
  • "2.5"-d zoom is now available.  This is basically the same as what was previewed in the YouTube video on D2TGP 2.0 (but we're not quite there yet).  Keep in mind it is a computational zoom effect in 2d, not full 3d in any sense.  It will require some smoothing out and tweaking later I'm sure
  • Infantry cannot be seen on the main map unless the Zoom level is at normal (you will see the Observer graphic on your GUI), or the Improved Radar upgrade is active.  They are still always invisible on the minimap.
  • Clicking the mousewheel button now always scrolls the map.  Rolling the mousewheel now zooms in and out when the player has an Outpost
  • Multi-threading core has now been completely disabled (suspect it was making problems for older computers even while disabled, and too many players were using it accidentally or on purpose and then complaining about stability)
  • Random Infantry no longer eject from destroyed buildings (I know, it's cool for tradition, but I don't feel the random nature of it fits the rest of the game)
  • Added sound effect for players joining
  • Changed sound playback to stop "Base Under Attack" message repeating too often
  • Fixed bug with scattering routines potentially causing crash
  • Fixed bug with IX menus potentially causing crash
  • Added a Donate button on Configurator screen