Thursday, December 09, 2010

1.1.14b Release (Win)

Last release of the year.  Just a small one to fix some bugs.  Please see the previous two posts.  I'm off overseas tomorrow and won't be updating anything until January at least.  I've tested this release as much as I can, locally and networked, and remember that you can find links to older versions in the forums (in case there's some huge bug here I missed)!

And just FYI, the reason so many odd bugs popped up is because I needed to rewrite a substantial amount of code to work with the new zoom system, both to allow the same normal functions at any zoom level, and also to draw so many elements without taxing the average computer system.

One big caution about this update:  random maps now take a lot longer to generate!  I will try to optimize this later, but the upside is that drawing the map itself is faster.  So please, have a bit of patience when starting a game.  It may seem frozen a few seconds but it should complete.

Changelog since 1.1.14a:
  • Fixed bugs with concrete slab behavior
  • Fixed bugs with spice behavior
  • Fixed drawing positions of Starport queues
Other known bugs will have to wait for later.  And remember that Donators will have access to the beta program starting next year, which may also include other projects in the future.

Happy Holidays everyone and see you next year!