Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1.1.10 Release (Win)

I had planned to make my next update the big switch to the new network library, but that's going to be a bigger job than I anticipated based on the time I have available.  So, here's a minor update to tide you over.
Changelog since 1.1.09:

  • Added Unit Aggression option at Outpost.  When enabled, all units will attack any unit or structure they see when on Attack orders (instead of just military units)
  • Added RMB Move/Attack option at Outpost.  This will control whether Right-clicking with a unit will cause it to Move or Attack
  • Harvesters on Return orders will now request Carryall pickup at any distance to Refinery
  • Fixed bug with some bad Waypoint draws
  • Fixed bug with Default Retreat setting at Outpost failing to apply to new units