Thursday, November 11, 2010

1.1.07 Release

First let me say something about the forums.  I DO read everything placed there, and I always give consideration to ideas both good and bad.  Do I get snappy?  Sure, I'm a busy guy.  Will I yell at you for not following rules?  Of course; the rules are there for the benefit of everyone who appreciates this project, and they will benefit you too if others follow them.  So, please continue to use the forums whenever possible.  Bug reports are especially important.  It's very disappointing to me to hear that a version is basically non-functional or something in a big way, sometimes for days or sometimes for weeks, without anyone breathing a word.  Times like that make me wonder why I still keep this project public.  I understand if you really don't want to donate, but at least don't let me lay around in ignorance.  I often have more time to code than I do to actually test the game or discuss it, so I'm dependent on your help if you'd like the game to improve or you want the community to grow.

That being said, I had a few free hours today to get an update done and test things out quickly.  This update is mostly a bugfix but it does have some significant changes.  I promise this time it is at least playable by network. ;)  PLEASE download and try it out, because I think it is really starting to come close to the performance and playability I have been aiming for.
  • Units on Move orders will not longer automatically Retreat when fired upon.  They will move ahead and still take twice the normal damage, but I will leave it up to the player to decide if he wants the unit to Retreat or not by using the Retreat Threshold toggle (A donator recently mentioned that he felt Retreat wasn't very useful.  On reflection I had to agree that it no longer worked the way I envisioned, so this will change things up a bit)
  • Retreat orders now dramatically increase speed and turning radius while active
  • Clients in network games will now draw waypoints (still isn't perfect)
  • Units just produced and on their way to Queue locations will now show waypoints
  • Fixed enormous bug with ordering system causing odd player/unit overlap and most of the orders in a network game to fail
  • Fixed another bug with network ordering
  • Fixed bug with non-combatant units not following waypoints properly
  • Fixed bug with "N" key not working for Harvester Return orders