Monday, June 07, 2010

1.88 Windows/Linux Release

Many of you who know me are aware of how this project began, which is to say it was never intended for mass consumption.  I started it many years ago with the only goal being for my own enjoyment.  Because of that, the design of my game is very different from other RTS games out there.
Since then, I've somehow managed to gather a sizable fan base.  So, once in a while I'll make changes that are purely to help new players get involved, even if it takes up more of my free time.  Today marks another one of those major capitulations.
Also you'll notice there is no Linux update this time.  That is because I want to defenestrate my computer whenever I see a Segmentation Fault.  Later when my patience has returned I'll look at it again. (EDIT: Linux is now updated as well)

PLEASE NOTE:  Your old settings will not be loaded in 1.88, due to changes in the "config.ini" file for future compatibility.  A new config file will be saved after you close the program.  Sorry for that inconvenience.

Changelog since 1.87:
  • Classic Mode Interface.  By default, players will have Expert Mode (the interface previously used for selection/deselection, orders, scrolling and such) disabled, in favor of this much more familiar style of interaction.  In Classic Mode you drag a box over units to select them, issue orders with right-clicks, etc.  Those of us who will still use Expert Mode can select it in the main Options menu.  Personally I will always prefer Expert Mode, and I hope veterans will also appreciate its prioritization of accuracy.
  • Human units on Move orders will now default to Stop orders when reaching their destination (Protect orders must be issued manually)
  • Units on Move orders will now automatically Retreat when attacked
  • Units on Retreat orders will default to Move orders when they are no longer under attack
  • Carryalls suffering enough damage when Repair Hold is active while carrying cargo will abandon the original destination; instead they will return cargo to the Retreat Flag and then dock themselves
  • Outpost sight range greatly increased to 24
  • Minor updates to the CONFIG.INI file format to allow for Expert Mode retention and future usage
  • Made changes to network chat room to help show what settings cannot be changed
  • The active Orders of currently selected units will now appear "depressed"
  • Changed coloring of in-game chat for easier reading
  • Removed the Mousewheel up/down ordering system (too clumsy)
  • Fixed bug where allied Foot units could not be seen in Crags
  • Fixed bug preventing Back button from working in Server List room
  • Minor graphical changes