Monday, June 14, 2010

1.0.90 Release

First off, you'll notice that this "should" be 1.90, but I never thought I'd get this far up the scale near 2.0, and I've decided it's finally time for me to embrace standard version numbering.  So, everything's starting over at 1.0.xx here and I'll stick with this format from now on (or at least until I've made 100 times as many changes again).

Second, I've changed the game's file name to just "D2TGP.exe", which is how it will stay.  This is to help you add it to Steam and such things without worrying about me hassling you with constantly updated filenames. :)

Also be aware that from this version onward, slightly more memory may be required.  I don't know how much yet.

Also again, please be patient on a Linux version.

Changelog since 1.0.88:

  • Major interface updates and bugfixes, too many to list.  Classic mode feels very complete now and both modes gained some new usability.  Essentially, you can expect the Classic mode to behave like Starcraft in almost all respects (one difference being that right-click still issues all orders).  Mapmaker mode interface was also updated to bring it in line with these changes.
  • Zoom mode has received many updates which will be easily noticeable.  This is one step on a longer path to extending the game's feature set.
  • Updated tip box
  • AI players will now be given random colors from the start (but still can be changed)
  • Config.ini file now tracks more information
  • Hopefully really permanently totally fixed bug where harvesters would go to 0,0 sometimes
  • Fixed bugs with Retreat locations for both player and AI units
  • Fixed bug with ground units being transported still drawing in minimap at pickup location
  • Fixed bug with AI Carryalls dropping harvesters right on top of pre-spice masses causing instagib