Sunday, May 30, 2010

1.87 Windows/Linux Release

This time I decided to sit down and fix every bug of which I was aware.
Changelog since 1.86:

  • Rewrote network Hosting code to fix bug limiting players to 3 or fewer client connections online.  Prospective clients should also get a proper message if a server has no open slots
  • Added Ping sound effect to alert players when a server is online (only in server list room right now)
  • Added on-screen map loading window to avoid issues with system pop-up window and full-screen mode (not perfect yet but it works)
  • Confirmed bug with Sonic Tank crashing when unpowered should now be fixed, based on last few release changes
  • Made pathfinding improvement causing units to be more persistent when temporarily surrounded
  • Made improvements to chatroom so faction and custom colors get sent to clients
  • Fixed bugs with Merc purchases not processing
  • Fixed visual bug with Configurator license area
  • Fixed bug causing a unit's Retreat level to display incorrectly while in motion
  • Fixed bug with units being unable to enter spaces where a Spice Blow occurred
  • Fixed bug where a lost Harvester would sometimes trigger more than one replacement to be queued when on Maintain Operations
  • Fixed bug where a unit would be unable to Airlift out of a surrounded location