Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1.85 Multiplayer Release

This is a large release and the first true Multiplayer release, with support for up to 6 human players simultaneously.  Naturally it is difficult for me to test more than one or two by myself to any great depth, so I'll have to rely on you to help.  Please leave detailed bug reports in the forums, but for you new players, be sure to search the posts before making a new one.

Changelog since 1.83:

  • Support for more than 2 players (up to 6)
  • Observer players cannot Chat in-game
  • Mercenary groups now announce a warning and deploy after 10 seconds
  • Mercenary units will not attack any Trading Post
  • Removed Trading Post weaponry
  • Tightened up online server tracking and client messaging
  • Fixed bug with Back button not working for client
  • Fixed bug allowing double-tapping Demolish/Cancel actions
  • Fixed bug with client not displaying some menus properly
  • Many minor graphical fixes/changes