Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Off-topic: Iron Wind Metals

I'm a fan of wargaming as well as computer gaming. My favorite games are science fiction games like Warhammer 40k (although my involvement with Games Workshop is quite over), AT-43, Battletech, and games of my own design. Recently I decided to place a very small order (I'm of meager means) at a place I hadn't dealt with previously. I looked around for new power-armored figures and found a line at Iron Wind Metals. Shipping costs were high for such a small order but I was willing to give them a try.

If anyone out there buys miniatures for wargaming, think twice about buying from Iron Wind Metals. They use an under-developed Paypal ordering system, and I followed their rudimentary instructions but my order was not entered into their system properly. After many days delay and lack of accountability (no receipt, no tracking, no confirmation; they actually suggested I use one of their informal communications as a receipt), I voiced my unhappiness, and was in turn insulted and compared unfavorably to the "adolescent nephew" of one Michael Noe, apparently a staff member there who is unfortunately allowed to deal directly with customers. Naturally I wouldn't recommend anyone deal with this company after this experience.