Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1.57 release

This is the typical follow-up bugfix release. Several things corrected and I even fooled around with some new things.
  • In-game network chat is now enabled (press Enter to go in Chat mode)
  • Keeping an IX active now provides a 5% bonus to all weapon damage, giving players an incentive to keep it around after upgrading
  • Several AI tweaks, including Ornis not being so wastefully purchased, better base spread, and more defensive structures
  • More info shown in the Host chatroom, including local IP
  • AI MCV deploys now remove concrete underneath
  • Fixed bug with Auto-repair costs
  • Fixed bug with worms exploding out of the sand
  • Fixed bug where flyers would drop units off into unexplored cells
  • Fixed bug limiting human players to 6 Flying units or less
  • Tweaked Ornis for tighter loops and better dogfights
  • IX now has custom coloring (always hated that it was stuck at blue)
  • Fixed bugs allowing units to react in some ways to allies as hostile units (including Ornis)
  • AA Trikes are now very aggressive on Protect/Guard orders against Ornis
  • Harkonnen now build more AA Trikes
  • Fixed some draw problems with flyers
  • Fixed inappropriate mission failure messages
  • Non-music version now zips to fit on a 3.5" floppy (just thought I'd mention it for retro love)