Saturday, September 26, 2009

1.59 release

First of all please note this is NOT a network update release. This is largely another bugfix but there are a couple new things you should enjoy.
  • Biggest feature: Scrollmouse building menus. Select a building and try using the mousewheel! This actually took a lot to implement but is well worth it
  • Saboteur behavior has been changed. They can be given Attack orders and will detonate automatically as soon as they are within range. They have also been slowed down but are still very fast
  • Protect orders now scan out to a much larger range for attacking enemies
  • Several AI enhancements including more aggressive building, new tactics, more intelligent spice usage and less CPU cycles
  • Finally resolved the issues with some video cards showing garbled images and text. Turns out the graphics rendering library I use automatically scales images by powers of 2, so some smaller pics were scaling differently depending on graphic card capabilities
  • Switched over to using a true font for text. I may or may not keep this depending on how it affects performance in the future
  • Infantry coming out of buildings after destruction now act on Guard orders
  • Losing your Palace will now mean loss of the current alliance
  • Added "back" buttons to some menus
  • Hopefully corrected the rare random issues with carryalls freezing in mid-air and harvesters sometimes being dropped at 1,1
  • Several other minor bugfixes/tweaks