Thursday, August 07, 2008

BlitzMax coders needed for possible recruitment

Hello everyone. I have an announcement.
While working on the AI routines and thinking about the future of the project, I've been toying with an idea I've mulled over for some time: Turning this project over to a group. This single project has been too long in the making for me in many ways, and I'd like to be able to devote some energy to other things, new things. I have over 700 hours personally invested in it now, including the original Dune 2: TSHA up through the current Universal Version.
So here's the situation. The structure of the gameplay itself is basically intact, and works as I would like it to for a single player. If any readers have provable BlitzMax experience and want to join a potential group to take this game all the way to the end stages of production (AI, multiplayer, better chatroom/wrappers, etc.), contact me. The project will still be under my control, so if I do this, don't expect to inject a lot of your own personal creativity beyond the code itself; however, you will have full credit, and you will be part of a group that may do something even better some day. I may not approve any deviation from gameplay, but I will be very open to rewrites and code enhancements. I know I'm not the world's greatest coder.
Please only contact me if you have good BlitzMax experience, or are very confident you can lend expertise in some other way (such as being a C++ guru, or a sound editor, etc).