Sunday, August 17, 2008

1.23 Update

Done a lot in the last few weeks. Tried out many different ways of changing the construction methods in the game, such as auto-spreading concrete and requiring concrete to build. Eventually I settled on what evolved into several of the game updates listed below.
  • All buildings can only repair when outside of combat now. This makes the game much more offensively oriented as even a single unit can eventually take down an undefended building.
  • Various minor balance changes reflecting above change.
  • Several noticeable graphical changes (for the better).
  • When a building is destroyed, it leaves rubble. This rubble prevents any buildings from being placed in that location for ten seconds. This resolves land-spamming issues.
  • Microwave upgrade now allows buildings to be placed at three times the normal distance, instead of at any distance. Power penalties for distance still apply, and factor heavily in taking damage to expansion bases.
  • There will be an AI opponent in the next release. :)
  • Wormsign is now a timed event that lasts for random durations. Approximately every two minutes, the status of worms in the area changes. Movement of heavy vehicles should be limited during Wormsign.
  • Expect many further minor changes in unit stats, costs, etc.