Monday, July 21, 2008

Preview 2 up for download

Preview 2 is up for your pleasure. Once again, no multiplayer, config file or AI support yet. Also bear in mind you should legally have a purchased copy of the original Dune 2 game to download and use any of the Dune 2: TSHA files, since they use resources ripped from the original. I'll begin working on AI support shortly so you won't see another preview for many weeks.

Recent improvements:
* Removed network code causing crash
* Corrected formation toggle graphic for control groups
* Corrected retreat level graphics for control groups
* Enabled Units Lost and Enemy Destroyed counters
* Function keys now select only powered buildings
* Home key centers on ConYard
* Harvesters on Move orders are no longer homed by bullets
* Rocket launchers and Sonic weaponry will never home
* Homing bonuses to bullet range reduced
* Bullets receive enough range to target center of buildings
* Protect orders now work properly (attacking only enemy attackers within range)
* Guard orders now check for buildings within distance