Sunday, March 24, 2013

1.1.20 released!

Hey guys,
Felt like doing a little fun coding this weekend, so I sat down with Frontliner and went over a bunch of ideas.  This version has some sweeping changes for faction balance.

Changes since 1.1.19:

  • Faction bonuses for health and speed no longer apply
  • Instead, each Faction has certain research items granted or restricted to effect a total playing style.  Atreides now have bonuses that make them both more effective and more reliant on using open rock space and spreading out.  Ordos have greater intelligence but cannot build heavier units.  Harkonnen cannot build faster and cheaper units but begin with combat advantages researched.
    • Atreides
      • Cannot build Troopers, Raiders, Devastators or Deviators
      • Cannot research Power upgrade
      • Begin with Auto-concrete and Microwave Power researched
    • Harkonnen
      • Cannot build Infantry, Raiders, Trikes, Tanks, Sonic Tanks, Deviators, or Ornithopters
      • Cannot research PSM Detection
      • Begin with Siege Tanks, Trooper Squads, and Armed Harvesters researched
    • Ordos
      • Cannot build Quads, Siege Tanks, Sonic Tanks or Devastators
      • Begin with MTP and PSM Detection researched
  • Fixed bug preventing client from using HTF controls to force flyers to return and remain docked (Ornis should be easier to keep alive now)
  • Fixed bug sometimes preventing Tier 2 research items from showing up
  • Fixed some minor issues