Monday, January 28, 2013

Gas Powered Games out of business?

Hey guys,
Chris Taylor is a legend in the games industry... he created Total Annihilation, one of my favorite games of all time, as well as many other popular and excellent games.  However, his company Gas Powered Games has had a bad run on Kickstarter and he was forced to make massive layoffs.  All is not yet lost however... the funding campaign still has over two weeks left and hey, who knows, maybe a whole bunch of people will find out about it and save the project and the company.

Please, when you have a good block of time, check out this interview.  There's a lot more to the layoffs I think you ought to know about.  You might already be a fan of his, or you might just gain respect for him, or maybe you'll just get some good insights into the gaming industry.  But, I'm a backer for the simple reason that I want to see Chris Taylor continue making games.

Matt Chat Interviews Chris Taylor