Monday, December 17, 2012

1.1.18 release!


Big update here.  Mercs are available again (and more often), big client-side cheats are fixed, and all turrets have been buffed considerably.

The turret changes bear some explaining.  The fact is that in Dune 2, space is at a huge premium; even making turrets cost next to nothing in spice doesn't take away the intangible cost of that loss of building area. There is no melee attack in D2TGP, so placing turrets in key locations is less effective when units can always outrange them to hit other buildings.  Plus, in the late game, armies are vast and powerful, while the amount of open space is still limited.

So, this all added up in my mind to base defense needing to be more viable in the early game to get people into the mid-game and beyond more often.  Making them cheaper and keeping them less powerful was not the correct choice.  So while it may shake things up and not be within the original Dune 2's ideas, I think this will be a great change.

Updated since 1.1.17:

  • Cleaned up some old code
  • Added sanity checks and fixed major bug with client queue creation that now FIXES and PREVENTS the ability to spam buildings in the same location, queue more harvesters than allowed, or build units beyond the unit cap
  • Fixed Sonic Tank power cost for firing weapon to properly be set at 25 now
  • Fixed major bug with Mercs preventing them from being accessible even after the Tier 2 research option
  • Merc options are now statically available and depend on the distance to the nearest base from the closest MTP
  • Buffed all turrets and increased cost to make base defense viable once again.  In general they have 50% more range and a better rate of fire.