Saturday, December 08, 2012

1.1.17 release?? O.o

Yeah, this will seem weird maybe... but I felt like playing a few games with Frontliner and we got around to some D2TGP.  We reminded ourselves of a few serious bugs and as it happens, I'm off of work this month.  So, after a couple hours of pulling my hair out I got the old development environment working again, and I now present to you a totally random bugfix release a couple years after I stopped working on it. :)

Changes since 1.1.16c:

  • Spamming buildings should no longer be possible; the old "rubble" effect temporarily preventing you from rebuilding over damaged ground should always be operational again
  • Death Hand targeting has now been corrected
  • Sonic Tanks now draw 25 power when attacking, up from 15
  • Some other small bugs fixed
For those of you still reading this, enjoy.  :)