Monday, January 31, 2011

General status update

Hey everyone,
As some of you know, I've got some big changes coming up in my life, not least of which is relocation.  I'm looking at places and have a heck of a lot to do and plan for, so I'm not devoting a lot of time to D2TGP right now.  Any free time I have goes to my personal life or playing Minecraft to chill out.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the forum members who have donated and also to all those who have been working hard to get extra players involved in the community and bring them up to speed once they arrive.  I no longer feel like I have quite the burden I used to.  Currently the biggest contributors are Puxii (aka Frontliner), Sevain, and TheRaffy.  So, if you see any of these players online or have the pleasure to talk to them, rest assured that you are talking to long-time users with a ton of experience and knowledge to pass on.
Thanks for your patience everyone.  Things will pick up again in a couple months most likely.  I'll keep slowly chipping away at betas though in the mean time.