Sunday, January 09, 2011

1.1.15 Release (Win)

Many, many fixes for stability and bugs.  This version was taken a long way through beta in the Donators forum and is now ready for public release.  I've also had reports that network games with more than 2 human players are at least sometimes possible with no lag or crashes, which is great!

Linux release will come later.

Changes since 1.1.14b:

  • Altered map sending from network to client to send only Seed value when in Random mode
  • Updated and fixed many issues in Mapmaker mode
  • Enabled Vertical Sync to smooth graphics
  • Some resolutions are now available only in full-screen mode
  • Fremen are now Infantry units with altered statistics (Forum Manual will be updated)
  • Map scrolling is now restricted to map boundaries
  • Fixed bug with larger maps causing client to timeout in network games before all data is received (adds a 1-second delay to the game start)
  • Fixed bugs with crashes in full-screen mode
  • Fixed bug preventing Infantry from being visible after losing Radar or changing Zoom level
  • Fixed bugs with some objects being visible in certain positions in unexplored areas
  • Fixed bug with Frigates drawing in unexplored zones
  • Fixed graphical bugs with drawing stealth circles, turrets, and damage smoke at high Zoom
  • Fixed bugs with disconnect messages sometimes not showing names
  • Fixed bugs with selecting buildings in high Zoom
  • Fixed bugs with unit Deviator Conversion having previous Orders locked in place
  • Fixed bug with client not showing harvested spice as cleared sand on minimap
  • Fixed bug with system timer causing crashes if a user's computer was on for many days in a row