Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1.83 Release

Cleanup patch.  Changes since 1.82:

  • Added a "tip box" that throws random helpful information at you (unobtrusively)
  • Mapmaker mode now includes Sand Crags as an additional placement choice, and cleans properly when saving
  • Increased chance for Sand Crag proliferation from seeds
  • Decreased seed chances for Rock Crags to account for addition of Sand Crags
  • Set Configurator window minimum height to make sure license info is readable
  • Fullscreen value in Configurator now reads from config.ini file
  • Added filler graphics for side menu bar at high resolutions
  • Mentat text is now white to increase visibility as needed
  • Updated some Mentat information
  • Mouse cursor is now hidden from mapmaker mode on map screen
  • Worms should now stop a short distance from rock (instead of on top of it).  This is a bit experimental at the moment
  • Fixed minimap mouse click controls
  • Fixed visual bug with spicefields populating outside map bounds
  • Fixed chatroom graphics for Mapmaker mode toggle
  • Fixed bug with current cell coords returning out of bounds
  • Fixed location of radar placeholder