Sunday, March 14, 2010

1.77 Release

This is a bugfix release (from very successful hunting) that should make network games much more reliable.
Changelog since 1.76:

  • Increased Infantry units health by 50% and Troopers by 20%.  The last update that fixed accuracy issues made foot units start dying at much faster rates.  Hopefully this restores a bit of balance
  • Total Units listing now also shows total including queues (unfinished units)
  • Increased unit turret rotation speed by threefold (turrets should be an advantage after all)
  • Fixed bug with client queues not completing properly
  • Fixed bug with Sandstorm causing crashes in co-op
  • Fixed bug with Palace Alliance causing crashes in co-op
  • Fixed bug with demolished buildings not crediting network client
  • Fixed bug with auto-concrete failing for network client
  • Fixed graphic bug with harvester icon numerator
  • Fixed bug with co-op client having all build options despite Tech Level
  • More slight network fixes, optimizations and sync improvements