Friday, March 05, 2010

1.76 Release

A jump in versions due more to the volume of code being changed than to the number of updates.  Because of the extent of the rewrite, you should probably expect a few bugs to have gotten through.
Changelog since 1.73:

  • Massive reduction in network bandwidth requirements.  You could theoretically even play it on a 56k connection if you kept the unit cap low (not tested though).  All network games should be smoother and more stable.  I have noticed some slight visual evidence of sync loss at the client side (unit or turret facing might be off sometimes, carryalls don't appear where they actually are, etc), but I don't have evidence yet in all my testing of anything critical going out of sync
  • Buildings no longer halt construction when enemy units are close.  Instead, the amount of time it takes before you can build on the same spot again after a building is wrecked has been doubled
  • Skirmish games now start immediately with no countdown
  • Finally fixed the bug with the color-harvesters in the chatroom screen being out of place when exiting and re-entering (wasn't what anyone guessed)
  • Fixed bug in network games with construction going too fast
  • Fixed bug with concrete placement being too slow in Skirmish mode
  • Fixed bug with flags drawing at incorrect speeds
  • Added random offset for craters from detonations