Thursday, December 20, 2007


Hey all,
Today I've successfully finished porting and debugging the code for the server-side functions.  So, the server portion is up and running successfully (to a certain extent).  There is no graphical interface, but I've managed to track and confirm the motion of all the units and entities using only debug code.  Now I have to get started on adding all the new code involved (such as the network comm system).  After that, I'll start on the Client (graphical player interface) version in earnest.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, it's wonderful and perfect! I felt like old times... :)
I was playing RC3 a little and here is my review...

+ Carryall system
+ harvesting (spice don't overflow, and it's more valuable than in original, I think)
+ building and training system
+ upgrading (IX)
+ palace and aliances
+ new units (comming from Dune background)
+ grouping troops
+ mobile trading post
+ spice blows
+ shortcuts F1-10
+ window mode
+ generated maps
+ and lots of details ;)

I know, your point of interest is network game for now. But think about...

- selecting units
It is first RST ever. Selecting units only one by one... It was innovating already in Warcraft 1 (4 units at once). It is really annoying (if i could be angry with Dune). And selecting with left and necessary deselecting with right mouse button... first 10 minutes i was slightly disoriented. (forgive me, rts mother :)

- With your new idea - AI. If you try to implement that, it will be great challenge to you (and us).

- maybe speed up the game (while 2 players are connected. 'single-player' is ok.)
- bug - when maximized window (not full screen), there are some graphic problems when building units (when setting position of new unit -> horizontal black lines).
- bug - F10 didn't work
- what about singleplayer campaign or scenarios? maybe it could be funny with map editor or something like that :)

Here is one question.
? microwave power - what does this upgrade do? Mentat is quiet ;)

Last words...
Keep goin'! You have great fanclub at our school ;) We enjoy your work, news and new releases :)

[ And how it can be? For he is... ]