Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Some quick notes...

Just to respond to some of the comments I've received...
Thanks a lot for all the the fine words! It's nice to get some appreciation for all the hard work.
Please be sure to read the documentation file, and focus on the Interface section. That's always a big issue with people, but once you get used to it, I think it's superior.
Just to answer some quick things:
You can select multiple units easily - by double-clicking!
I may very well add game-speed control in the new version. AI is definitely planned.
Microwave power allows you to build structures at any distance from any other structure. The normal power system is still in effect though, so expect that far-out WOR facility to soak up a huge amount of power.
The other bugs I'm aware of. They will not be an issue with the new version (but expect some brand new ones! :P )

Back to work...


Anonymous said...

hello, I just stumbled upon your site and thought I'd leave a word of encouragement :p

I made a group of friends aware of your work, we all appreciate the effort you put into "remaking" such a great game. We are downloading the game at the moment, and post anything we find afterwards.

Thanks from all of us and keep up the good word xD

Anonymous said...


I downloaded this before christmas sometime but whenever I look on here there are no people playing (or seems as such) - is the game used much by other people?

Anonymous said...

frenky again, we tried RC3 during holidays. Last few remarks...

- The winner is the palyer who build first two-three death hands. The opponent will give it up after destructing 2 rafineries... It is ultimate weapon, only for 500. At that time, each player controls about 4 harvesters, that means continuous production of death hands. Rebuilding base is much more slower than building death hands. So cheap, so fast to production and so destructible, that makes from death hand the almighty terminating weapon... Everyone will ally with house Corrino :)

- Units doesn't attack selected targets but only the first target they started to destroy. Only way to attack certain target is to move attacking unit from its first target.

- Some buttons do not respond, but only as a shortcut (for example R-repair).

- We didn't try to build for example turrets within enemy base (after upgrading microwave power). But is it in order? We can't rush with units, so we can attack with buildings few moments later :) I think that should be limited with distance from con.yard for example. It's great question how the battle will look... 3 turrest are much more powerful than 1 tank at same cost and each turret can be repaired during battle at a time.

There was a lot of fun ofcourse, thanks to you. Try to develop some kind of dedicated server for internet play, please :)

Thank you, your fans :]

Anonymous said...

Hi Drackster,

Just wanted to say your version is the best dune II remake publically available.

Keep up the good work :)