Monday, September 07, 2015

1.1.24 Released!

Hey guys,
This may be out of left field but it's really just a fix update.  I recently noticed the server list wasn't working any longer, and a couple players mentioned it as well.  It would seem the site originally hosting the DB was updated to the point where it couldn't handle the old code from this game any longer.  So, in order to fix it, and to avoid dealing with my $*@! web hosting company any further, I decided to pull it in-house.

The crux of the update is that the server list is fixed, and I also added a page for historical game info:
You may want to bookmark that site.

Do me a favor also, if anyone knows much about server security and they feel like they see some holes that need plugging in what I've set up, please let me know!

Changes since 1.1.23

  • Game server list URL is now kept in the config.ini file (and now works)
  • Client now updates additional result information
  • Shift-Enter now also activates All-Chat