Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another status update

Hey everybody,
Well, the big changes in my life are still getting along.  Hopefully some things settle down soon.

First, about D2TGP.  I am basically ceasing development on a personal level.  The rest of the code that contains bugs and other issues is either too old or no longer supported much in the libraries that were used, and it's not equitable anymore for me to spend my time on it, especially since the game is actually pretty stable at this point.  However, I have begun a fledgling partnership with the honorable gentleman Tibit (creator of the early network library I used in D2TGP) and we are now embarking on at least one other project; sort of a "warm-up" game to see how good of a team we can make.  I'll probably put up details now and then on this site.  If things go well, we have many other ideas to work on afterward, so times are exciting and optimistic right now.  One of those possible projects may involve use of some of my D2TGP code, which is one of the reasons I can't yet commit to releasing the source code.

I'm also going to start creating a lot of YouTube content.  This will include the Dune 2-based Minecraft server I am putting up, some Dune 2 casts now and then, and other random topics.  It will all go up at the channel, so I hope you'll visit and subscribe.

One last thing; I won't forget you D2TGP Donators when and if we actually release something. :)  Stay tuned as we plan to have something to show for ourselves before end of the year.