Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Major update in the works

Hey there,
As you all know, I'm fond of adding surprises to my releases.  This time however, what I'm working on is too big to happen quickly, so I'm giving you all something to get excited about in advance.
The next release of D2:TGP will be version 2.0!  I have very high aspirations this time around.  Nearly the entire user interface will be changed.  Aside from some minor balance changes, I don't expect to change anything about the combat mechanics themselves, so you can breathe easy.  But, after all this time experimenting and testing, I am ready to create the interface of my dreams.
New features will include:

  • Full incremental zoom in and out of the battlefield (think Supreme Commander)
  • Dynamic unit grouping and linked AI/formation actions
  • Whole screen will be devoted to the map view, with minimalistic and dynamic GUI elements
  • "Adaptive Interface", which is what I am calling it when menus appear contextually and only as needed, predicting the user's needs
  • Full waypoint system for all ground units and improvements to flyer control
  • Staging Areas where units can be sent to fulfill pre-determined orders
  • Optional objectives (will be done eventually but won't stop a release on their own):
    • Game recording/replay
    • New research system/items
    • Improved network library for stability/performance
Some of these items are already completed, but they all depend on each other now so I can't release them separately.  As you can guess though, this is not a small update in any way, so this will take months to complete, rather than the usual few weeks you have to wait between releases.  At any rate, I think it will be worth it.  I'll keep visiting the forums now and then so feel free to speak your mind there.

And hey, feel free to donate a buck or two.
-- Drackbolt