Tuesday, February 02, 2010

1.71 Release

Changelog since 1.70:

  • Major balance changes
    • Light Vehicle health reduced by 40%
    • Infantry health reduced by 50%
    • Rocket Launcher damage reduced by 50% against non-buildings
    • Siege Tank ROF increased by 15%
    • Above changes have the following ramifications:
      • Troopers are more powerful compared to lighter units, hopefully more valuable
      • Heavy Vehicle combat effectiveness against Light Vehicles is improved
      • Lower Infantry strength only matters against units that do not kill them with one shot, i.e. other light units, so they are equalized against LVs
      • Rocket Launchers will now have a much harder time against other HVs, but otherwise remain unchanged
      • Siege Tanks have greater damage output and hopefully are valuable enough to choose over Combat Tanks sometimes
  • Added Skirmish option that does not start any network functions
  • Added Tech Level to game options
  • Added 96x96 map
  • "W" key now selects idle harvesters instead of Tilde/Grave (should help foreign keyboards)
  • MCV now has Sight range of 8 (was 2)
  • Mercs now group together in formation
  • Fixed bug with halting construction giving no return
  • Fixed bug enabling dropping more than one unique building
  • Fixed bugs with Mercs, Alliances, and Starport pricing for network clients
  • Removed popup window when exiting game