Saturday, December 19, 2009

1.70 Release

One last attempt to make people happy enough to make a donation for the holiday season. I'm leaving in a few days to spend three weeks overseas with my loved one, and every little bit will help.

Last update (definitely) for at least a month.

Changelog since 1.69:
  • All players must first go to the Join room, even to create a new server. This is needed I think to encourage people to be aware of other games in progress
  • Network game names now go by the host player's name
  • Wiggle missiles! A forum member brought this up recently, and while I didn't go as far as the old game where some missiles could do a complete U-turn, missiles from tanks now follow a random arc. As a nice side effect this creates the damage probability distribution I was looking for (more direct hits but also more wild shots)
  • Wormsign intervals are now statically determined by the following pattern: 1-2 minutes Wormsign, 3-5 minutes spice production
  • AI have received many improvements in reactionary intelligence and base management
  • Increased efficacy of Mindgas effect
  • Homing bullets now correctly angle to follow the target
  • Fixed bug with Merc and Starport orders causing bad queue creation or otherwise failing
  • Fixed bug with Death Hand icon not highlighting in HVF menu
  • Fixed bug with units remaining on Retreat permanently
  • Fixed bug with Carryalls rarely freezing when trying to pick up a unit marked for death
  • Fixed bug with Stop orders not syncing over network
  • Fixed bug with Mercs accidentally going on Airlift orders causing strange behavior
  • Fixed bug with Death Hands being able to move over non-combat tiles (such as Refinery dock)