Sunday, November 29, 2009

1.68 Release

First off, please see the previous post, and thanks for your support. Secondly please wait a few days before posting bugs in the forums as I need to take a break.

1.68 massive changelog:
  • Main executable is again separate from music files, and will be going into the future
  • Many, many bugs fixed and some graphics tweaked
  • New menu system added for most production buildings (please use your mousewheel)
  • Full network synchronization with acceptable speed (still only 2 human players)
  • Greatly improved close-range pathfinding (no more units doing the "dune shuffle")
  • AI players now send attacks in formation (not as great as it sounds but still an improvement)
  • Units put on Retreat will not be selectable until they are close to their destination, when they will default to Move/Protect orders
  • Added a timer to the global Retreat Flag button
  • Flak Trikes now take double damage from ground units when moving
  • Outpost now controls default Retreat settings and building auto-repair (if researched)
  • Auto-concrete now has greater range from each ConYard
  • Fremen have range 2 instead of 3
  • Slightly reduced AOE of Rocket Launchers/Deviators (very slightly)
  • Added percentage complete for flyer queues at HTF
  • No problems should remain with Sandstorms
  • Trading Posts will not appear on enemy radar
  • Outposts, Trading Posts, and MTPs have higher vision to balance Sandstorms
  • AI Death Hands will now launch when attacked
  • Reduced Harvester strength by 10%