Saturday, October 03, 2009

1.61 Win32 release

Linux version will be up after I get some library issues resolved.
This is a standard update with some bugfixes and some new features. In my latest testing, network sync has been perfect (knock on wood). Please leave a note in the forums if you see any out-of-sync situation in the future. No improvements to networking speed yet.
  • Added Sandstorms. They occur rarely (more often in the Deep Desert) but they reset all visibility for all players. This is likely to remain a permanent new feature
  • Selecting units and scrolling the mousewheel now allows immediate issue of orders. Scrolling the mouse up chooses Move orders, and scrolling down chooses Attack orders (defaulting to Protect and Guard orders respectively as normal)
  • Foot Soldiers now receive a +2 range bonus while in Crags, but Crags no longer stop low bullets
  • Devastators now fire twice as slowly, but with 250% damage. This makes them even better against large targets and even worse against infantry. Plus dammit, they're devastators. They should wreck what they're designed to wreck
  • Split pickup lists for Carryalls into two separate ones for Harvesters and all other units (improves Carryall prioritizing of targets)
  • Starting Units now provides a Flak Trike
  • Allied units will share vision
  • Re-added spice field voice call for first discovered spice
  • Refineries will now drop the first harvester upon completion automatically
  • Fixed a sync issue with IX and other building bonuses
  • In-game Exit button works again (like the Back button now)
  • Switched to OpenGL rendering
  • Fixed music bug with "back" button
  • Disabled Z-menu for HTF
  • Fixed bug with detonating units not causing much damage
  • Fixed bug with HTFs not counting flyers properly
  • Fixed bug with selecting buildings to Demolish
  • Merc purchases now ensure unit cap adherence
  • Alliance units now have tiny amount of player coloring
  • Fixed several other small bugs