Sunday, July 12, 2009

Crash averted

Well it seems with the help of playtesters I've finally gotten the major crashes eliminated, by removing a bunch of legacy code. So, great news for the single player version. There's a major problem though: the legacy code I removed is the networking base for the multiplayer version. It was just functional enough to prove the concept, so it didn't affect the game to remove it. But, since it appears to have been the cause of the crashing by sending a legitimate "end game" signal after the server shuts down, for whatever reason, I may have a big problem. If the networking library I chose to use ends up having some issue for certain people where the server shuts down unexpectedly, I'm going to have to restart the multiplayer coding part of the project with a new library. It's not what anyone wants to hear, but I'm not publishing something that kills every other match indescriminately. So, I'll be taking some time out to do some heavy testing in the future, and I'll update as I make discoveries.