Sunday, April 19, 2009

1.38 Update (and download update)

First of all, I've updated the Preview 4 single-player download to back-port some changes I made recently.  Additionally, you'll be up against two computer opponents now instead of one.  I look forward to people's feedback on the new zoom level and the way harvesting works now.  I'm only putting up the one with embedded music from now on, since I haven't seen many people opt to get the smaller version.

Recent work:
  • Completed preliminary player input structure
  • Refineries now cost 400 credits, but normal Harvesters are free (Armed harvies cost 150).  Also, Harvesters take 150% more time to construct.  This is an experimental update based on some player ideas and may not reach release
  • Added global zoom-out function and graphics (this effectively scales out the minimap to fill the whole main screen when active)
  • Added wormsign visuals and controls
  • Added TechLevel information to all menu items in preparation for future game option
  • Added additional sound fx and sprite creation (craters, explosions, etc)
  • Fixed several small glitches
  • Re-added config file loading/saving
Soon I'll be diving heavy into the input structure.  This will entail me setting up a new game environment where I can start to give myself control as a player, and then completing all the network versions of the input functions.  So, it may be a while before the next update, but progress will be ongoing.