Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hey all,
Lots of big decisions lately.

  • I've firmly decided this next version of the game will be a bit less faithful to the original game. I think I can make something better.
  • Units are now no longer bound by the 16x16 "cell". Movement is free in 360 degrees (although the standard 8-direction graphics are still used).
  • There will NOT be a dedicated server version anytime soon. This proved to be too great a challenge on top of porting all of the code. I was much too ambitious and I want to finish something this decade.
  • There will be some graphical changes. Spice will be more smoothly implemented visually in order to cut down on the calculations needed to determine the correct cell graphic. I may also do this with rocks and such; we'll see how it shapes up.
  • There will be options to choose between micro- and macro-managing your faction. These may involve special grouping, reinforcement, combat-level AI, and automated buildings.
  • I am continuing to build the foundation for all of these things, and progress is good. I expect something playable in a few months.

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Gussoh said...

Nice to see development going on. Is there anywhere I can ask questions regarding the game? We cannot get it to work.