Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1.72 Release

Changelog since 1.71:

  • Foot Soldiers are now invisible to enemies while in Crags.  They will still be attacked as normal by enemies in range
  • Corrected bug with range bonus for Foot Soldiers in Crags (now applies properly in all directions)
  • Trading Posts are now visible to enemies while taking damage
  • Trading Posts no longer count for proximity when building new structures
  • Reduced MTP hit points commensurate with other LVs
  • Fixed bug preventing AI players from building Foot Soldiers at tech levels 2 and 3
  • Fixed bug allowing players to queue extra flyers for HTFs that were not yet completed
  • Fixed bug with Ornithoper weapon sound effects
  • Fixed bug with Merc purchase costing nothing for clients
  • Fixed several bugs with small weapon fired from buildings
  • Fixed bug causing "base is under attack" messages much too frequently
Considering many big changes for next release.  Might be a while.