Friday, May 22, 2009

Preview 5 Released

Long list of changes (so I'll just call it Preview 5):
  • When selecting multiple units, totals for each type show on right menu bar and can be manipulated
  • Pathfinding logic rewritten; units now operate much more intelligently
  • Drastic improvements to AI for CPU players, including avoidance of worms, building special units, building spacing, and heirarchy
  • Sonic Tanks have received final alterations. They now require power when firing, and will shut down during a power outage. They will not hurt friendly units and will not damage themselves, but they will damage all buildings.
  • Crags should not proliferate to edges of board now (thereby trapping MCVs sometimes)
  • All players gain a very small amount of spice per second
  • HTFs now repair flyers at a slow rate whenever they are docked (automatic and without cost)
  • HTFs now have a "repair hold" button that will force flyers to remain grounded until they fully repair, once they have reached 1/3 health or less
  • Starting units are now the same for all factions (tank, quad, infantry squad)
  • Rocket turrets have lower Rate of Fire and Gun turrets have greater health
  • Deviator mindgas now powers down buildings for 2-4 seconds when affected
  • Removed options for non-square maps (32x64,64x128)
  • Atreides now have slight "starting location" bonus, by beginning on the bottom and having more room than the other factions (switched places with Ordos)
  • Fixed bugs with money and timer tickers in GUI
  • Wormsign icon now blinks
Whew! I'll rest for a little while now and then continue working on the server/client files. See you again in a few weeks.