Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Version Universal

Dune 2: TSHA vU is progressing. I've concisely separated the server/client modules from a design standpoint and am back into moving and converting the code from the previous project, making enhancements where available.
As for someone's comments on a mobile phone version: Dude, have you seriously thought about that? That's like putting a stock racing car on a sidewalk. Not really how it's meant to be used.
And since this touches on my overall thoughts on intellectual property, I'd like to add that I detest proprietary business models such as Apple's, and I think anything that can be infinitely reproduced (software and code in particular) should never be sold for profit. So, anything I create will always be free, and I'll be picky about which platforms I support. I'll support every operating system I can, because people are more limited in their choices there by many other factors beyond their control. But if you want to jump on the IPhone bandwagon, forget about me.

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